A light in the darkness......

Carol is a light in the darkness - I started working with Carol four months ago, after my husband passed away in a terrible accident. I have been going through the most difficult life event that I have ever faced. The grief was gradual and then it began to strongly affect my health equilibrium.

After the accident, my happy life changed in the worst possible way. I was drowned in sadness. My whole body was in pain with some weird muscle tension which would begin when I first awoke early in the morning and lasted all day long.

During our sessions, I connected with Carol. She shared that the pain was probably due to the traumatic emotional stress I was experiencing. Carol guided me with infinite love and delicate, but firm ways, helping me to connect my mind and body to heal the pain. She would give me mind-body exercises that were truly effective, that made my body respond to my mind's orders. She knew how to help me and she understood exactly what I was going through. Her understanding was basically the key to open my mind which was overwhelmed because of the sadness/ mourning/ body pain and loss of equilibrium due to the traumatic cascade of events.

The result of just one of the exercises Carol guided me through made a huge positive change, and the way I feel now compared to when we first started, is so much better! I didn't take medication, or get dependent on anything - it was all my own work with myself.

I would describe Carol as a very wise person, who really cares about others. I highly recommend Carol to help in almost any kind of health/life/emotional situation. It's easy to talk with her, easy to reach her. I feel she is WITH ME, right beside me, the distance makes no difference at all. I am learning how to understand, manage and heal my situation and for me this is just priceless. Thank you Carol, from the bottom of my heart.

~Monica (Santiago, Chile)

Meditation by the sea

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