Needed to walk before I could run........

I started working with Carol in October 2014. I learned that Carol was starting this new venture in her career and volunteered to be one of her clients as I know she is very knowledgeable and actively participates in her own healthy lifestyle, and coaching is like second nature to her.

I noticed a difference in how I felt shortly after making the “baby steps” she suggested. During our first session Carol immediately seemed be in tuned with my need to start with small simple steps to make some changes to progress to how I hoped to feel physically and emotionally.

Carol is able to provide simple steps within her coaching to provide a holistic approach for exercise, eating, and mindful living to become stronger and healthier and not focus simply on dieting to feel better.

My goals as I began with Carol and continue to be are to:

  • Feel stronger

  • Feel healthier

  • Reduce chronic pain

So far Carol has been able to help me with these goals by providing supportive coaching on exercise, diet, and more natural cooking and natural remedies in relation to improving my overall wellness.

What has been most tangible in our work together has been the healthier choices I am now making to strengthen my body, to reduce chronic pain, diet changes to help with menopause, and an overall feeling of well-being with simple changes. The most significant change so far has been how I feel physically impacting how I feel cognitively and emotionally.

Carol is very supportive and intuitive in her work with me. I feel like “I don’t have to say it and she gets it” and is able to constructively provide me with feedback to increase my awareness of the changes I can make to feel better. Carol listens carefully to so as not to overwhelm you with goals that are too big and goals that are attainable. She then builds on those to move you toward what you initially hoped to accomplish.

I would recommend Carol to women whose lifestyles have become too busy to keep up with exercise, for people with chronic pain, and for those who are aware of the need to make changes but are having a challenge getting started.

~Kate (Brunswick, ME)

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