Breaking the cycle of stress.......

Before I started working with Carol, I wasn't sleeping well, I was heavier than I wanted to be and had frequent headaches and low energy. I told myself I didn't have time to cook, nor did I want to cook, so I ate out for most meals. I knew that Carol could help me because I could see that she had discovered certain things and applied them, making a difference in her lifestyle. Carol listens, offers structure and support. She has helped me recognize the cycle of stress that controls my life: anxiety, eating and not eating properly makes me feel anxious and it stresses me and then I get anxious because I'm incapable of losing weight and this stresses me.

I was feeling better within 3 weeks of working with Carol. I started sleeping better. I had fewer headaches because I learned what causes them and try to avoid those triggers. I now feel more in control of my life and have higher self esteem because I am taking care of myself; I am cooking again, I am changing my eating habits, I have started roller blading, I am losing weight, I am understanding the relationship between food, emotion and energy. Carol is helping me to improve my present and future lifestyle. Nobody cares if I am a little old lady or a model. It really only matters to me and I can count on Carol to support me 24/7.

~Fran (Santiago, Chile)

Desert Mountains

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