Never too young to begin mind body connection.......

I am a student from Brien McMahon High School and just wanted to tell you how great it was that you came to focus on me and my classmates with connecting the mind and body. It seems to me that many of us tend to forget that there is much more to worry about than what the newest update on Instagram or Facebook. Although my generation can tend to be called the "cell phone dependant" generation, it’s clear and obvious that we can be stressed and easily distracted on how to take care of our body as well as our minds. Your strategies along with your vital advice I thought were very appropriate for highschool students. Not only have your strategies helped with stress but have also helped me to manage my life a lot more with stability. I along with many of my peers would like to again thank YOU for your time and valuable teachings during the short amount of time that we did have. I hope to see you more often in the building to help those who come after us and to strive for awareness on the power that the connection between mind and body have.

~ Keily C (Norwalk, CT)

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