Feeling and looking better than ever........

I saw “RevitalizU” advertised at the Darien YMCA. It was right at the time that I wanted to work on a healthier diet. Specifically, a lower sodium diet to help reduce my blood pressure. I signed up right away and scheduled meetings at times that were convenient for me. I am somebody who never really had to think about what I put in my mouth; then the doctor told me I had high blood pressure and it was important that I lower it. I didn’t really even know how to get started. I also didn’t like the idea of being on a medication. Carol was the perfect solution for me. She actually took my wife and me to the grocery store and showed us labels on the foods were eating. We were astounded at the findings. She showed how to shop and what foods to avoid. She made it easy to understand and easy to follow. I really had no idea that some of the ‘healthy’ foods I was eating are not healthy at all.

I immediately started to lose weight and feel healthier. I had more energy as I was eating better. I LOVE to eat. Having said that, I didn’t feel like I was deprived from the foods that I love. Everything in moderation, Carol taught me is fine. Just know what you are eating and with Carol's help, I now make better decisions.

I had always played tennis, but didn’t have a daily exercise regimen. With Carol’s support, I explored different workouts, ways to fit it into my busy schedule, physical exercise that I enjoyed and allowed me to get stronger and more fit without injuring myself.

Carol also worked with me on my spiritual and mental health. I am a finance professional supporting a family with a couple of houses, cars and private education expenses. It is easy to let stress get to you and she showed me how to reduce stress that I didn’t know I even had.

Through my work with Carol, I now feel more in control of my daily health and I have even been able to reduce my blood pressure medication!

I would recommend Carol to almost anybody. I never thought of myself as a poor eater and I wasn’t necessarily over weight, but what I learned was that I didn’t actually know what ingredients I was eating and how my body reacted to them; some in a negative way, others in a positive way. It’s really important to learn what works for you.

~ Dan (Darien, CT)