Revitalized after a Type II Diabetes diagnosis.....

My husband, who is diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and I began working with Carol in order to improve our approach to diet and food consumption. We leaned on Carol's nutrition expertise to understand how to make better choices in many different aspects of our lives, from the grocery store, to the dinner table, to a restaurant/bar. Almost immediately, Carol's guidance was tremendously successful as my husband's blood sugar readings are significantly lower, and we both have lost 5-10% of our body weight. More importantly we feel much healthier and have more energy, not just after eating but virtually all the time. When we began working with Carol our top three goals included lower blood sugar for my husband, elimination of some excess and unnecessary weight for me, and overall develop healthier eating habits. We certainly attained these goals and much more. Not only did we experience an impact during our time with Carol, but we also learned so much about our diet and choices, that we feel empowered with tools to better manage this aspect of our lives going forward. Even our six year old son is eating and enjoying more healthy foods!

We also learned about the effect that daily stress can have on our health and energy levels. With Carol’s guidance, we began to change our relationships to stress through mind body connection and breathing exercises. I would recommend Carol to anyone who wants to make better and healthier dietary and life choices. And this doesn't simply mean someone who wants to shed a few extra pounds, as the RevitalizU experience encompasses far more than weight loss. The physical benefits of a healthy lifestyle always lead to a healthier mind and attitude. We were fortunate enough to experience this for ourselves, and encourage anyone, regardless of previous or current life experience, to do the same.

~ Amanda C. (Darien, CT)

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