Feeling healthier, happier and more comfortable in my own skin than ever before......

I decided to work with Carol because I wanted to develop a set of tools that would enable me to make informed and empowered choices about my health. I had struggled for years with a full spectrum of eating issues and body struggles. Thus, developing an intuitive and holistic approach to eating and exercise in the context of my often-hectic life as a college student was the primary goal I set for working with Carol. I am thrilled to say that my work with Carol helped me achieve and sustain that goal!

Carol’s non-judgmental stance, extensive knowledge base and unwavering commitment to my wellness made such a difference in my life. During our sessions (many conducted over Skype) we talked about my struggles and successes and discussed goals and strategies for the coming week. She also made herself available in the interim if I was struggling or had an urgent health concern or question.

Carol would tailor her suggestions perfectly to fit the context of my life and shared not only a number of great resources and tips on nutrition, exercise and stress management but also her sincere empathy and support. Her desire to help people live their best lives is infectious and effective.

Today, I make decisions about my health that feel grounded in my body’s needs. I am feeling healthier, happier and more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. I highly recommend Carol as a Health Coach to anyone and everyone who is interested in being their healthiest self and enjoying life along the way!

~ Camille, College Student (Bozeman, MT)