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Carol is deeply committed to personal growth, health and wellbeing and understands that her own are indelibly connected to those of others. This invaluable trait allows Carol to speak from personal experience rather than simple theory. Carol’s positive outlook and unstinting support of another’s journey makes her an affable and nurturing ally. With a seeming insatiable curiosity, Carol learns from others as well as from her own life and is a wonderful woman with whom to learn, grow, heal and spend time.


 ~ Ceci (New York, NY)

I was fortunate enough to have Carol come to my high school health classes as a guest speaker.  Carol had the class up on their feet in no time and engaged their bodies in physical activities before quieting their minds and tapping into their inner reserves for a period of quiet mindfulness.  Carol has a great style of communication and enthusiasm that engages all around her.  Teenagers can be a tough crowd and Carol did a wonderful job addressing everyone's unique questions.  Her style of communication opened the students up and created a non-judgmental safe environment for students to explore a topic not customarily addressed in school.  I would highly recommend Carol to work with both groups and individuals.


~ Tory (Norwalk, CT)

Carol is instantly connected to her clients. She has a wealth of knowledge that stems from years of experience and education. She will come up with a customized approach to any issue that is keeping you from obtaining your optimal health and happiness. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and know!


~ Colleen (Darien, CT)

Carol Haggerty Reardon of RevitalizU is more than a coach, she's a friend.  If you need help with anything to improve your physical, emotional or mental areas, give her a call and give it a chance.  She's great! Love you, Carol!


~ Marilyn (Darien, CT)

I decided to work with Carol last Spring, mainly for the benefit of my daughters who are competitive athletes & needed a little bolster to their daily energy/nutrition, but my sessions with her also ended up evolving into a little bit of self-help in terms of weekly meal planning and de-stressing techniques in other areas. We saw immediate health benefits in terms of new foods/ingredients she suggested, as well as the direction to find some quiet/happy moments for myself during busy days with a full family life. I would describe Carol as a good listener and extremely easy to talk to. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling a little bit overwhelmed & in need of some constructive ideas to make daily life a little bit better & healthier!


~ Kate (Darien, CT)